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4-CEC is a research chemical which is included into the cathinone group. It is possible to meet other names such as IUPAC 1-(4-Chloro-phenyl)-2-ethylamino-propan-1-one, 4'-Chloroethcathinone (hydrochloride). It could be produced from the plant which is called Catha edulis. 4-CEC is used for the purpose of learning new binding properties of receptors. 4-CEC must be used only in lab researches.

4-CEC is 99,2% pure molecule. Its formula is C11H14ClND. 4-CEC is a qualified analytical reference material. 4-CEC which is available online is presented in the form of crystals and looks quite similar to sugar crystals. It is possible also to find 4-CEC in the form of tablets or powder.

4-CEC is a stimulant which has a great influence on the central nervous system. 4-CEC can be compared with methcathinone. By its structure 4-CEC can be also compared with 4-MEC. In comparison with 4-CMC, 4-CEC is more toxic.

The main purpose of 4-CEC as many other cathinones is releasing of dopamine. There isn’t enough information on 4-CEC physiological and toxicological characteristics, however its biochemical activity is quite known nowadays.

4-CEC is a legal in many countries and that is why you can buy 4-CEC online from official vendors. 4-CEC is not included into the list of controlled substances in the UK. It is forbidden for usage by persons who are under 18 years old. Only scientists and researchers are allowed to purchase 4-CEC.

We offer only pure products for our consumers which make it possible to hold necessary experiments for scientists. We guarantee you’ll receive official 4-CEC for the best price!

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