Please familiarize yourself with the information before placing orders in 4-MMC Shop.

Our company has no intention and doesn’t act as a seller of research chemicals which are illegal in the USA and EU.

Any prohibited products available on our website only with the purpose of higher ranking of the site among others in search engines and are not available for sale.

Consumers confirm their agreement with knowing, understanding and following stated rules:

  • All of our consumers must be 18 years old or older to be able to order products from this website.
  • Our company doesn’t condone the import of illegal or scheduled research chemicals to any country and 4-MMC-Shop tries to comply with the legal status of mephedrone in every country we ship to.
  • 4-MMC Shop stays harmless from any responsibility which could occur because of the purchaser’s use of mephedrone.
  • Our company doesn’t promote using of controlled, prohibited research chemicals.
  • We are not liable for actions of consumers who violate legal regulations and restrictions of the country of their residence.
  • Mephedrone must be used only for laboratory or research purposes.
  • Purchasing mephedrone you confirm your understanding of all risks this research chemical could represent.
  • All consumers have to follow necessary health and safety requirements concerning how to handle these chemicals.
  • Mephedrone must be handled ONLY by properly trained scientists or researchers. If you buy mephedrone from 4-MMC shop, you confirm that you work as a legal researcher or for a research company.
  • There are not any returns of products which were bought in 4-MMC Shop.
  • As soon as your order is dispatched, we will confirm you with the help of e-mail messaging. Your message will also contain a tracking number. 4-MMC-Shop usually works overnignt in case the payment has cleared.
  • Shipping company is responsible for delivery time.
  • 4-MMC Shop sends orders after they are paid in full including taxes and fees.