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  • Our company thoroughly recommends that you be really familiar with all important issues, prohibitions and legal status of the mephedrone in your country before ordering. In case you neglect these laws, the responsibility will lie with you.
  • Mephedrone which is available for sale on our website is not sold as cosmetics, food additives, cleaning product or drugs.
  • In our online shop you can find mephedrone for researchers and scientists only. 4-MMC Shop doesn’t sell mephedrone for personal use or in other illegal goals. Mephedrone is not to be consumed by humans.
  • We don’t guarantee you the result of experiments as there aren’t enough studies of mephedrone and its properties.
  • Purchasing products from 4-MMC Shop you confirm that you agree that our company is not liable for any losses and damages whatsoever the claim is.
  • Purchasing mephedrone in 4-MMC Shop purchasers agree to use important precautions and follow all legal regulation in their country.
  • Purchasing mephedrone in 4-MMC Shop the consumers state that they work for a research institution or company or are legal scientists and have enough proper skills for handling with research chemicals.

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